Fast growth in mobile telemedicine evident from partnerships

Kalorama Information said interest in telemedicine and telehealth has exploded over the last decade.

With the use of mobile phones in healthcare, the firm says patients, nurses, physicians, emergency department and hospital administration all stand to benefit, bringing an opportunity that companies such as IBM Watson Group, Honeywell Life Care Solutions, MultiCare Health System, and Envision Healthcare have all embraced.

“The National Institutes of Health lists nearly 500 clinical trials related to telemedicine, many of these utilizing mobile applications as one component of a system,” said Bruce Carlson, publisher of Kalorama Information. “So it´s not surprising that companies are looking to jump on the mobile telemedicine bandwagon.”

Recent partnerships include:

IBM Watson and Pathway Genomics have teamed up to provide users with personalized healthcare information for mobile devices.

MultiCare Health System announced in April its partnership with Doctor On Demand, a healthcare service that provides video visits with board-certified physicians, psychologists, and lactation consultants via smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, to offer video doctor visits to patients in the state of Washington.

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