Fareportal joins UATP payment solutions network

UATP has announced technology company Fareportal has joined the UATP Network and is the first OTA to issue UATP accounts, the company said.

The partnership allows for reduced distribution costs using the airlines´ own lower cost form of payment, UATP.

Fareportal´s hybrid business model bridges the gap between an online travel agency and a traditional travel agency and provides a wide-ranging customer base to its airline partners. With a focus on the overall journey and meeting customer needs; the UATP partnership adds payment to the Fareportal customer-centric experience.

Fareportal is the technology company behind leading travel brands CheapOair and OneTravel.

UATP is a global payment solution owned and operated by the world´s airlines and accepted by thousands of merchants for air, rail and travel agency payments. UATP connects airlines to Alternative Forms of Payment which can expand reach and generate incremental sales globally.