Fairhair Alliance, ZigBee Alliance agree to help create smarter commercial buildings

The Fairhair Alliance and the ZigBee Alliance have signed a liaison agreement to collaborate on driving higher levels of product interoperability and standards unification in smart commercial buildings, the companies said.

The two organizations will explore opportunities to combine their technical specifications and take advantage of the ZigBee Alliance´s extensive testing, certification and branding resources and expertise to simplify the development and deployment of lighting and building automation systems based on a common, IP-based network infrastructure.

Fairhair is an alliance of companies, from the lighting, building automation and IT industry, that aims to facilitate the use of IPv6 for the ´Internet of Things´ in buildings.

The ZigBee Alliance creates, maintains and delivers open, global wireless standards that enable everyday objects to work together and control your world in the Internet of Things (IoT).