FairCare app uncovers prices for all medical procedures nationwide

FairCare said it has released the FairCare app for iOS that provides consumers with the ability to find competitive prices in their neighborhood for any of the ten thousand medical procedures available in the US.

As easy to use as Google search, users simply key in the name of a medical procedure and FairCare will display the lowest, highest and average price for that procedure in their ZIP code. The search results furnish users with a list of doctors that can perform the procedure.

Healthcare is the only product that consumers buy without knowing the price, and have no recourse but to pay the often shockingly high bills.

The same procedure can cost up to 10 times more if choosing the wrong provider.

“We must shine a light on healthcare costs, so that all healthcare consumers can begin making informed decisions,” says Eric Duprat, the CEO and Co-Founder of FairCare. “We have been able to assemble data derived from tens of billions of medical claims nationwide. Anywhere in the country we can now have an estimate of the cost of medical procedures. You will be shocked by how much some of these procedures will cost you.”

The FairCare app is immediately available for iOS devices thru the App Store. Download it now, and start making smart decisions about your medical costs.

Founded in December 2014, FairCare Inc. is a medical big data software company focused on uncovering medical costs, and empowering consumers to make smart choices for their healthcare.