FAA says B-29 ready for first flight

The Federal Aviation Administration has deemed the B-29 known as Doc airworthy by officially presenting the restoration crew with an FAA airworthiness certificate, the company said.

The airworthiness certificate is the most notable milestone yet for the team working to restore the historic B-29. It also comes three days before the 16th anniversary of Doc arriving in Wichita on May 23, 2000 to begin its restoration journey.

With the FAA airworthiness certificate in hand, the restoration team will soon submit an official request to the US Air Force and Pentagon to be granted access to use the non-joint-use runway at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kan., for test flight operations. Upon approval, the restoration crew can use the runway for high-speed taxi tests and other ground testing needed prior to first flight.

As for the scheduling of ground testing and eventually first flight, information will be provided online at www.b-29doc.com and via releases delivered to the media.