FAA proposes civil penalty of USD 3.92m against Southwest Airlines

The US Department of Transportations´ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced the proposal of a USD 3.92 million civil penalty against Southwest Airlines for allegedly operating multiple aircraft on commercial flights with incorrect calculations of weight and balance data, the agency said.

The FAA alleges that between May 1, 2018, and August 9, 2018, Southwest operated 44 aircraft on a total of 21,505 flights with incorrect operational empty weights, and center of gravity or moment data. This weight-related information is used along with other data in determining how many passengers and how much fuel can be safely carried, as well as where cargo must be located.

The FAA also alleges that Southwest´s operation of these aircraft was contrary to the airlines approved weight-and-balance program and FAA-issued operations specifications. Southwest has 30 days after receiving the FAAs enforcement letter to respond to the agency.