FAA proposes civil penalty for alleged violations in drug and alcohol testing at Delta Air Lines

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a department of the US Department of Transportation, has announced the proposal of a USD156,000 civil penalty against Delta Air Lines, Inc., for alleged drug and alcohol testing violations.

The FAA alleges Delta hired or transferred 45 experienced workers into safety-sensitive positions but failed to obtain their drug and alcohol testing records from their previous employers within the required timeframe. The employees included 34 flight attendants, seven people who performed maintenance and/or preventive maintenance work, and four aircraft dispatchers. All performed safety-sensitive duties after the period for obtaining the records had expired, the FAA alleges.

Additionally, Delta allowed two ground security coordinators to perform safety-sensitive work when they were not in Deltas random drug and alcohol testing pool, the FAA alleges.

The FAA also alleges Delta failed to conduct all required follow-up alcohol tests on two safety-sensitive employees who had tested positive for alcohol and returned to duty after successfully completing treatment programs.