FAA issues decision on Southern California Metroplex Project

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a finding of “no significant impact/ record of decision” for the Southern California Metroplex project, the company said.

The decision enables the agency to move forward with the project, which will replace dozens of existing conventional air traffic control procedures with new satellite-based procedures.

The FAA said it plans to begin working immediately toward phasing in use of the procedures, starting in November 2016 and continuing through April 2017. In all, the Southern California Metroplex project includes 99 new satellite-based procedures, which are a key component of the FAAs Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). The new procedures consist of 41 departures, 37 arrivals and 21 approach procedures that guide aircraft down until theyre very close to their destination airports.

The FAAs environmental analysis for the project calculated noise at more than 330,000 locations throughout the study area, which showed the proposed action would not result in any significant or reportable noise increases under the National Environmental Policy Act.