FAA eases flight crew requirements during COVID-19 pandemic

The Federal Aviation Administration has announced an easing of certain flight crew training and medical requirements during the coronavirus outbreak, the company said.

The moves come after groups like Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and Airlines for America (A4A) urged the FAA to grant regulatory flexibility, saying the pandemic has made complying with some requirements difficult, hazardous and in some cases impossible.

The FAA released a policy update saying that for three months it will not take enforcement action against pilots for the reason of flying with an expired medical certificate.

The FAA has also agreed to ease some emergency training requirements for pilots and flight attendants through 31 May.

The exemption, requested by airline trade group A4A, also allows flight attendants to use alternative methods to complete cardiopulmonary resuscitation training as part of recurrent performance drills.

The exemption gives crew one year to complete the normal training procedures.