FAA dedicates control center in Tucson

Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has dedicated the new, environmentally friendly air traffic control tower at Tucson International Airport, the company said.

The new tower is 252 feet tall about double the height of the old tower, which served the airport for 58 years. It provides air traffic controllers with better airfield views and makes it easier for them to determine the positions of aircraft on the ground and in the skies around the airport.

The new tower sits atop a 13,000 square-foot base building that houses computer equipment, administrative offices, and a backup power system that is designed to automatically activate in case of a commercial power outage.

The company said numerous environmental features minimize the facility´s energy and water uses. A 1,600-panel solar farm adjacent to the base building is expected to generate enough power to support all of the facility´s electrical needs for several hours a day on sunny days. At other times, the power it produces will supplement the facility´s commercial power supply.

Tucson had approximately 143,000 aircraft operations in 2015. It is served by six airlines and is home to an F-16 Air National Guard Base in the US.