FAA certifies Onboard Systems' C-40 cockpit indicator

Canada-based helicopter cargo hook equipment Onboard Systems International, LLC has announced the FAA has certified its C-40 Cockpit Indicator for use in one of Onboard´s load weighing kits for the Airbus AS350 (H125) helicopter, the company said.

Onboard has also submitted this kit to Transport Canada and EASA for certification. This is the first Onboard Weighing System approved to use the C-40 indicator, which was built from the ground up to incorporate many operator-requested features and uses advanced microcontroller technology to measure and display the cargo weight on a hook.

Onboard Weighing Systems provide pilots with the exact weight of the load on the cargo hook via a display monitor mounted in the cockpit, allowing them to maximize load efficiency while reducing airframe stress. Weight on the cargo hook is measured by an electronic load cell using state-of-the-art strain-gauge technology. The load cell is temperature compensated and requires little maintenance. A quick glance at the cockpit-mounted indicator shows the full weight of the cargo on the hook to within 10 lb./5 kg.

Onboard Systems International, LLC designs and manufactures helicopter lift equipment for the worldwide aerospace industry, including belly hooks, cargo hook suspension systems, Onboard Weighing Systems, and remote hook equipment. Onboard Systems was acquired in 2019 by Liberty Hall Capital Partners, a private equity firm focused exclusively on investments in businesses serving the global aerospace and defense industry.