FAA certifies Onboard Systems dual cargo hook kits for Bell 206L & 407 aircraft

Onboard Systems International, Inc. has announced that the FAA has STC-certified its Dual Cargo Hook Kits for the Bell 206L and 407 aircraft, the company said.

These cargo hook systems meet the 14 CFR part 27 certification requirements for Human External Cargo (HEC) and have been designed as a dual installation of Onboard´s TALON® LC Hydraulic Hook.

The kits provide an STC-certified solution for a variety of CFR Part 133 external load missions, including HEC, high-value cargo transport, utility line work, short haul, and search & rescue.

The kits feature a user-friendly dual master cylinder that combines the backup hydraulic release for both hooks along with the electrical release for the secondary hook into a single unit. For added safety, Onboard´s certified HEC kits use TALON LC Hydraulic Cargo Hooks to minimize the risk of inadvertent cargo releases caused by excessive movement during external load operations, which can activate an improperly rigged manual release cable on a cargo hook system.

Onboard Systems International, LLC is provider of innovative helicopter cargo hook equipment. Onboard Systems was acquired in 2019 by Liberty Hall Capital Partners, a private equity firm focused exclusively on investments in businesses serving the global aerospace and defense industry.