Extron introduces line of touchscreen-enabled work surfaces

Extron Inc. said it has introduced a new touchscreen-embedded work surfaces in its control room consoles.

The company has recently forged a new supplier relationship with My Custom LCD of Tustin, CA, a leading supplier of industrial touchscreen control panels. Knurr customers are able to integrate touchscreen panels into Knurr´s Synergy, Dacobas, Elicon, and Ergocon lines of consoles.

The touchscreens are available in a wide range of sizes from 17″ up to 27″ diagonal, and can be configured into the work surface of the consoles to add to Knurr´s extensive list of ergonomic features.

Extron, Inc. is the North American manufacturer and distributor of Knurr technical furniture, consoles, mobile carts, customized racks, and enclosures, allowing Knurr product to be “German engineered and American made.”