Explosive detection canine teams prepare for expansion of TSA screening

Threat protection firm MSA Security has announced that its pipeline of trained explosive detection canine teams is prepared for the Transportation Security Administration´s (TSA) third party canine testing and certification process, the company said.

MSA is America´s largest provider of explosive detection canine teams through its proprietary Windsor Program. Over 500 single-purpose, single handler Windsor Teams are actively deployed around the world. The program received Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Certification — the highest level of award — in 2004, and is the only one in the industry to have consistently maintained certification for 14 years running.

MSA´s expansion includes the build-out of 10 regional training facilities from Connecticut to California, strategically located near major cargo hubs and designed to mimic a variety of cargo sort and freight environments. E

MSA Security is a global security firm with more than 30 years of experience protecting enterprise-level facilities from high consequence threats. The firm offers a range of customizable solutions, including explosive detection, protective services, intelligence, investigations and consulting.