Experts audit design of Russian PD-14 Civil Aero engine's nacelle

Nacelle Systems Consultancy (NSC), the premier independent aerospace Powerplant integration company based in Northern Ireland (U.K.), has performed a thorough and detailed examination of the nacelle for the new Russian PD-14 commercial turbofan engine (developed by the United Engine Corporation), intended for powering the Irkut MC-21 airliner, the company said.

According to NSC´s experts, the PD-14´s nacelle successfully integrates the latest technologies and is a world class product.

The nacelle forms the external portion of the Powerplant, separate from the fuselage, that surrounds the PD-14 engines on an aircraft.

United Engine Corporation (UEC) is specializing in the development, serial production, service & support of engines for civil and military aviation, space programs and naval applications, as well for the oil & gas industry and power generation.

Nacelle Systems Consultancy (NSC) provides a world class integration service that applies ´lessons learnt´ in incorporating both the highest levels of regulatory compliance and most challenging of customer requirements. The main competence of the company is the expertise in the field of integrating the aviation Powerplants. NSC´s experts are proud to have participated in the integration of many of the recent Powerplant entering service.