Experian Marketing Services finds email campaigns improve revenue outcomes for marketers

New research from Experian Marketing Services, a recognized leader in data-driven marketing and cloud-based marketing technology, shows that email campaigns using the words “choice” or “choose” in the subject line are driving substantially higher engagement and revenue rates than average.

As detailed in Experian Marketing Services´ Q2 2015 Email Benchmark Report, these email campaigns drove 22 percent higher revenue per email, a 46 percent increase in transaction rates and a 117 percent increase in transaction-to-click rates.

“Allowing customers to choose their preferred path is a smart and tangible way to increase engagement and ultimately their return on marketing investment,” said Spencer Kollas, vice president of global deliverability services at Experian Marketing Services. “Marketers know that consumers are the ones in control of their relationship today. What´s interesting about the trend our research uncovered is that consumers are responding to brands that explicitly give them that control; they are engaging and spending with brands that are taking action to empower them.”

The Q2 2015 Email Benchmark Report features a special section on mobile subscribers that features the results of two analyses of two brands with ongoing SMS (mobile push) and MMS (mobile text) messaging programs. To conduct the analyses, Experian® attributed the brands´ transactions to their mobile campaign data on a subscriber level.

In comparing mobile transaction rates to email benchmark data, Experian found that mobile transaction rates were more than 10 times higher than those for email campaigns. Further, SMS push/broadcast campaigns made up more than 95 percent of the volume, but pull messages provided much stronger transaction results.

Interestingly, the results also showed that dual subscribers (both email and mobile) were 3.9 times more likely to complete transactions than email-only customers.

“While mobile subscriber lists typically are much smaller than email lists, these subscribers form a loyal group of highly engaged customers,” said Kollas. “It is the sophisticated marketer that is able to use this type of information to continue to increase brand loyalty and customer engagement across multiple platforms.”

Experian Marketing Services is a leader in data-driven marketing and cloud-based marketing technology.