Expedient to increase data center capacity with USD14M project at Nova Place

Expedient has initiated an expansion project at one of its Pittsburgh, PA data centers, located at Nova Place, the company said.

The facility is one of two enterprise data centers the company operates in the region. The project is expected to build new data center space contiguous to its existing space, and when complete, will double the power, environmental and raised floor computer room capacity at the location, while also creating a larger shared lobby, operations support center (OSC) and client convenience area.

A project completed in 2012 further increased computer room capacity to 18,000 square feet. The new project, representing a USD14 million capital investment, will create conditioned space for more than 385 additional colocation cabinets to host both physical and virtual cloud computing platforms.

Expedient is a cloud computing and data center infrastructure as a service provider (IaaS) with local operations in Pittsburgh, PA; Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Cleveland, OH; Columbus, OH; Indianapolis, IN and Memphis, TN.