Excess Baggage debutes mobile folding unit at Gatwick Airport

UK-based unaccompanied baggage shipping specialist Excess Baggage company has opened two retail concepts that the firm said allow airports to make the best of underutilised space and provides temporary retail across an airport as demand changes.

According to Excess Baggage, the unit, which provides a range of luggage and other travel essentials, can be closed and moved quickly and easily, providing a range of revenue-raising opportunities.

The firm said that airports often have spaces that are empty which could be used to generate income, or they may be able to help boost income by providing a temporary retail offer (while building new retail outlets, for example or in response to a change in passenger flows). The Cube can also be used to fine-tune the balance of retail between landside and airside areas.

At London Gatwick, the new Cubes, which are located landside in both the North and South Terminals, have allowed the airport to quickly provide a retail offer that complements and augments the current landside retail facilities, the firm said

It also offers a service for the significant numbers of passengers who may need to re-pack before their flights – particularly those using airlines with stringent baggage limits.

Excess Baggage offers a range of services including left luggage facilities, travel goods retail, concierge services and baggage wrapping at London Gatwick, London Heathrow and Manchester airports, and 18 rail stations across the UK.

Find out more at www.excess-baggage.com.