Exablaze releases microsecond barrier-breaking network card

Ultra-low-latency network device maker Exablaze has released its next generation ExaNIC X10 network card, the company said.

The ExaNIC X10 boasts an industry-leading half-round-trip latency of 780 nanoseconds. This is the time measured from the wire to a software application and back to the wire, for raw frames.

Users can accelerate their existing network applications with the provided Exasock software to enable sub-microsecond TCP/UDP performance. Exasock allows standard Linux sockets applications to transparently bypass the kernel resulting in dramatic latency reduction without having to even recompile code. Using the industry-standard sockperf benchmark, latency has been benchmarked at 880ns for UDP and 930ns for TCP, which is a significant improvement over competing network cards.

Melbourne-based Exablaze designs, develops and manufactures the world´s lowest latency network devices, the result of innovative engineering insights and processes.