Evolution Digital agrees to expand customer list for eBOX IP Hybrid

Evolution Digital has reached agreement with General Communications Inc. (GCI) to deploy the revolutionary eBOX® IP Hybrid Set-Top Box, powered by TiVo®, to GCI customers in select service regions, the company said.

GCI delivers residential and business telecommunications services primarily to residents across the state of Alaska.

Evolution Digital´s eBOX, powered by TiVo, offers viewers an enhanced HD offering through an integrated video viewing experience. eBOX delivers QAM live linear television combined with OTT streaming apps all on one integrated platform, making content search and navigation easier than ever.

Evolution Digital provides integrated IP Hybrid devices and IP Video solutions for the global cable industry. Evolution Digital takes an aggressive approach to product innovation to embrace the way viewers are consuming video.

GCI (General Communications Inc) delivers communication and technology services in the consumer and business markets. Headquartered in Alaska with additional locations in the US, GCI has delivered services for more than 35 years to some of the most remote communities and in some of the most challenging conditions in North America.