Eviation, Hartzell Propeller partner on all-electric commuter aircraft

Eviation Aircraft, an all electric air mobility solutions manufacturer, has announced that it has selected Hartzell Propeller, Inc., as its development partner for the all-electric Alice, Eviation´s debut aircraft, the company said.

Under the terms of the development partnership, Hartzell Propeller will provide customized and optimized propellers and support systems for the Alice.

With development support from Hartzell Propeller, the Alice will be equipped with an innovative system of new propellers, designed to meet the unique needs of the first-in-kind aircraft.

Eviation Aircraft Ltd. is developing and manufacturing efficient electric aircraft in an effort to make electric aviation a fast, competitive, and sustainable answer to the on-demand mobility of people and goods.

Hartzell Propeller, Inc. is the global leader in advanced technology aircraft propeller design and manufacturing for business, commercial and government customers.