Everbridge acquires IDV Solutions

Software company Everbridge, Inc. (NASDAQ: EVBG) has acquired IDV Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of threat assessment and operational visualization software, the company said.

The aggregate consideration paid by Everbridge was approximately USD 18.7m in cash, with additional time and performance-based cash payments that could total as much an additional USD 8.7m.

IDV´s powerful Visual Command Center (“VCC”) application displays an integrated picture of external threats and events overlaid with an organization´s people, assets and supply routes, along with other contextual information to enable timely assessment and operational response.

In combination with Everbridge´s critical communication, incident management and employee safety capabilities, IDV´s VCC application will form a key component of the industry´s first Critical Event Management (CEM) platform for dynamically assessing, responding to, and managing the resolution of the wide range of threats and disruptions which impact organizations´ daily operations.

IDV has been an Everbridge strategic partner since 2014.

Everbridge is integrating its communication, incident management and employee safety capabilities with the threat assessment and visualization capabilities of the VCC application to create a CEM platform.

CEM will provide organizations with a more integrated operational approach to the often disparate systems used today to manage major incidents and IT operations events by delivering an end-to-end view integrating threats, operational impact and response status information on a “single pane of glass.”

CEM is intended to enable corporate and government organizations to consolidate overlapping systems and drive cost efficiencies, as well as to improve response time, minimize disruption, and attain better management control in handling critical events.

Everbridge provides critical communications and enterprise safety applications that enable customers to automate and accelerate the process of keeping people safe and businesses running during critical events. It is based in Boston and Los Angeles with additional offices in San Francisco, Beijing and London.

IDV Solutions, LLC empowers organizations to take command of risk by delivering threat assessment and command center software that is used to protect people and assets, ensure continuity of operations and create competitive advantage.