Evans launches UAS solutions suite

Evans Incorporated has launched its comprehensive CAARMA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Solutions Suite, the company said.

The CAARMA UAS Solutions Suite delivers significant value to users across the aviation industry in its ability to safely and effectively expand the use of UAS within the government and commercial sectors.

According to Evans´ founder and CEO Sue Evans, the company´s CAARMA Solutions are proven to have saved the government over USD 10m on one project alone, through improved decision making and more efficient technology planning that generated cost avoidance measures.

Evans´ CAARMA UAS Solutions Suite is tailored to give organizations, of any size, the tools they need to realize the benefits of an operational UAS program. At the core of Evans´ CAARMA UAS Solutions Suite is its four-part UAS Programmatic Readiness and Health Assessment, which is designed to minimize risk, maximize ability to exploit market-driven opportunities and optimize investment to realize the fastest possible outcomes. To drive value and increase productivity, the assessment follows a continuum from identifying the need for UAS all the way to ongoing operations and maintenance of the program.

During this Assessment, Evans works with the organization to evaluate its capability to operate various aspects of a UAS program. Evans begins by reviewing resources, procedures, and business plans regarding hardware, software, piloting, flight operations and regulatory compliance. Evans also evaluates the organization´s culture to develop a customized implementation plan that considers the human element to maximize the probability of success.

Evans Incorporated is consulting and solutions provider specializing in human-centered solutions in healthcare, aviation, and international development, delivering results for leading commercial and public clients domestically and internationally. Evans´ CAARMA solutions and products are designed to address specific challenges related to organizational effectiveness, technology integration or business start-up with a unique, human-centered approach.