European Union bans all Armenian-based airlines over safety concerns

AzerNews has reported The European Union´s website says that due to safety concerns, it has banned all airlines certified in Armenia from flying to the union, the news source said.

After assessing Armenia´s safety oversight capabilities, the European Commission has decided that the country´s air carriers do not meet international safety standards, therefore, added Armenian airlines to its list of unsafe carriers, according to the information posted in the organization´s website.

Thus, as a result of the update EU Air Safety List, six Armenian air carriers and Armenian Civil Aviation Committee (CAC) have been banned from flying to the bloc. The list includes Aircompany Armenia, Armenia Airways, Armenian Helicopters, Atlantis Armenian Airlines, Atlantis European Airways, Mars Avia and Skyball.

European Transport Commissioner said the EU stands ready to cooperate and invest in Armenia to improve its aviation safety.

A total of 96 airlines have banned from flying to the EU.