European-built service module for NASA's Orion spacecraft arrives in US

NASA has announced the European service module for the first Orion moon mission has been transported to NASA´s Kennedy Space Center, the company said.

For the first time, NASA will use a European-built system as a critical element to power an American spacecraft, extending the international cooperation of the International Space Station into deep space.

The European-built service module that will propel, power and cool during Orion flight to the moon on Exploration Mission-1 following final outfitting, integration and testing with the crew module and other Orion elements.

The European-built service module brings together new technology and lightweight materials while taking advantage of spaceflight-proven hardware.

NASA is leading the next steps to establish a permanent human presence at the moon. The first in a series of increasingly complex missions, Exploration Mission-1 is a flight test of an uncrewed Orion spacecraft and SLS rocket that will launch from NASA´s modernized spaceport at Kennedy. The mission will send Orion 40,000 miles beyond the Moon and back and pave the road for future missions with astronauts. Together, NASA and its partners will build the infrastructure needed to explore the Moon for decades to come while laying the groundwork for future missions to Mars.