Euromillions adds another huge UK winner to its list

Euromillions has been a huge success since launching. The pan-European lottery is growing in popularity in the UK, and it is responsible for some of the biggest lottery wins in history.

The biggest Euromillions win came in 2011, clocking in at a staggering £161 million. Since then, a steady flow of big winners have trickled through to the UK’s shores, creating an enviable Euromillions rich list

However, the odds of winning big on the Euromillions are slim, with a ticket having a 1 in 116,531,800 chance of scooping the jackpot.

Still, this hasn’t stop a handful of Brits from winning vast amounts of money. 2016 has already seen a number of UK winners already – including 2 jackpot winners, all before March.

The jackpot prize for Euromillions is so high as it draws on a jackpot populated by a total of 9 countries, including Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

But what makes the Euromillions so popular?

The odds are so slim that it looks near impossible, but that doesn’t stop swathes of people from buying a ticket, just in case.

No doubt, a huge draw of the Euromillions draw is the massive prizes that are up for grabs. As the BBC have speculated, people play the Euromillions as a way to buy into a dream – in the hope to be granted life changing amounts of money.

People choose to play the Euromillions for all sorts of reasons, including superstition, such as picking numbers based upon birthdays or significant dates, or even by gifting tickets as a present to a lucky recipient.

The amount of money up for grabs is enough to allow people to live out their desires, quit work and live the high life – something which almost everyone can get onboard with.

What can you do to increase your chances of winning?

To be in with the best chance of winning, there are even tips for winning the lottery that you can use to make sure that you stand the best chance.

Playing with a syndicate is a good option. The more people you have contribute money for a ticket, the more tickets you can buy, giving you more chances to win big with your combination of numbers.

It’s true that a syndicate will mean divvying up any winnings, but with prizes as big as they are in the Euromillions, this will still leave everyone with a handsome amount.

It can also be beneficial to pick random numbers, or lucky dips, as all balls are drawn entirely at random. When carrying out a seemingly ‘random’ decision, we can fall into the trap of thinking in patterns, or thinking that our choices seem unlikely, when in reality, the odds of any number appearing is the same as every other number.

The fact that winning the Euromillions requires no skill, when compared to other forms of gambling, such as betting  on horses or playing poker, is also a huge draw.

It means that everyone’s chances of winning are equal – everyone has the same opportunity to join the Euromillions rich list – regardless of previous experience.