EU's ban on certain travel results in cancellation of 50,000 flights

Aviation International News has reported data from ForwardKeys that finds the European Union´s ban on almost all non-citizens crossing its borders is set to result in the loss more than 10 million seats on almost 50,000 airline flights, the news source said.

According to ForwardKeys, Air France appears set to take the biggest hit from the travel ban, with a loss of around 800,000 seats, while France collectively loses more than two million seats. Its analysis shows many other carriers all facing big reductions in traffic, listing them in descending order as follows: Lufthansa, Emirates, KLM, Wizz Air, Qatar Airways, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Aeroflot.

The group expects two million fewer airline seats on flights in and out of Germany during the ban, which will last for an initial 30 days. The Netherlands and Spain will each lose around one million seats.

ForwardKeys bases its analysis on data generated each day from the airline industry´s Global Distribution System, which it says accounts for around 30 to 40 percent of total bookings. It also considers completed searches from the Skyscanner website and looks at Cirium´s flight capacity and airport data.