ETL Systems Gets Major Investment From CBPE Capital

ETL Systems, a global designer and manufacturer of RF distribution equipment used in the ground segment of the satellite communications market, has received significant investment from CBPE Capital, to support its management´s ambitious growth plans, the company said.

The business is embarking on further expansion, designed to take advantage of positive market drivers in the satellite industry and solid industry conditions.

ETL serves various end markets including broadcasting, energy, defence, government and maritime and has a distinguished track record of growth and technological innovation in support of its international client base. The company is the recipient of multiple industry accolades including three Queens Awards in recent years.

ETL Systems is based in the UK and has offices in Washington DC and Dubai.

ETL designs and manufacture professional RF distribution equipment for satellite ground stations and other microwave users. The product range includes L-Band Routers, Switches, Splitters, Combiners and Amplifiers covering DC-40GHz. Reliability, resilience, and RF performance are the core customer requirements which drive ETL´s product innovation and development. Adaptability and scalability combine with these to provide future expansion.

CBPE Capital is a private equity firm with nine funds raised over 30 years.