Ethiopian Airlines completes acquisition of 49% interest in Chadian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines has announced the completion of the acquisition of a 49% stake in new Chadian Airlines, the company said.

In the joint venture, the government of Chad will retain 51 per cent.

The new Chadian flag carrier is set to start operations on October 1.

Ethopian Airlines said the strategic equity partnership in the launching of the new Chad national carrier is part of the company´s Vision 2025 multiple hub strategy in Africa.

The Ethiopian carrier already has similar deals with several African countries as part of its growth plan.

It has a 49% stake in national airlines of Malawi and Guinea, 45 per cent in Zambian Airways, and 40 per cent in Togo-based Asky Airline. It is also in negotiations with other countries including Mozambique, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, DR Congo, Nigeria and Ghana for similar agreements.