Ethiopian Airlines adds 30 WheelTug systems to Boeing 737s

WheelTug plc, an aviation electric taxi innovator, has announced it has an agreement with Africa´s largest air carrier Ethiopian Airlines, to allocate 30 WheelTug systems to Ethiopian´s Boeing 737 fleet, the company said.

This agreement raises the number of assigned WheelTug slots to almost 1,300 aircraft across more than two dozen airlines worldwide.

The WheelTug system consists of high-performance electric motors powered by the aircraft´s auxiliary power unit, installed in the nose gear wheels of the aircraft. Pilots gain full maneuverability and greater autonomy on the ground; they can carry out pushback and taxi operations without relying on tow tractors or the aircraft´s jet engines.

Ethiopian will be able to reduce its costs and improve its system-wide performance through fleet utilization gains and more dependable departures. The carrier will spend less on maintenance expenses and its aircraft will retain greater value.

Ethiopian Airlines is the fastest growing airline in Africa. In its 70-plus years of operation, Ethiopian has become one of the continent´s leading carriers, unrivalled in efficiency and operational success.

Gibraltar-based WheelTug plc is developing the WheelTug aircraft electric drive system.