Сlickky launches an platform for mobile app Promotion

Сlickky is launching a comprehensible self-serve platform for advertisers tailored to the needs of app developers, agencies and networks, the company said.

The company merged a five-year experience in mobile advertising to create the most convenient and easy-to-use interface with all the required features. The result is an all-in-one platform, which incorporates automatization tools that will help simplify ad campaign launch and management and optimize daily routine.There is no need to wait for the manager´s response any more as the new interface makes mobile advertising easier than ever.

Clickky´s Self-Serve Platform is integrated with the leading global publishers who work with Clickky directly or through company´s API solution AdExchange. Clickky AdExchange serves more than 250M clicks monthly and manages 20K mobile CPI campaigns daily. The platform works on CPI-basis, offering both incent and non-incent traffic, so advertisers will pay only for actual installs.

Clickky has six offices in five сountries: United States, Israel, Ukraine, Russia and India. The company operates worldwide, delivering mobile ad campaigns from more than 120 different countries, and its team has grown to 90 professionals.