eSUB Construction Software raises USD5m to help digitize the construction industry

San Diego-based eSUB Construction Software (eSUB) has received a USD5 million Series A investment from Revolution Ventures, the company said.

The construction tech startup previously received investment from The Investor Group, led by Sheldon Lewis, Raymond Levitt, and the Stanford Farmers Investment Club, a group of Stanford professors that make angel investments.

eSUB specializes in serving construction subcontractors, helping to accurately track their labor by implementing a cloud-based back-end solution that ties in with native applications and mobile devices in the field, giving personnel the ability to easily capture information onsite and share it in real-time with the back office for billing purposes and productivity tracking. Using eSUB results in at least a 50 percent operational increase by replacing manual process with automated workflows and allows contractors to collect 100 percent on previous undocumented changes in the field.

Revolution Ventures invests in start-ups and early-stage companies founded and led by passionate entrepreneurs, focusing on investing in technology-enabled businesses that empower consumers and businesses and disrupt existing, multi-billion dollar industries. Revolution Ventures is headquartered in Washington, D.C.