Espresa launches employee resources platform

Espresa, the company that powers great workplaces, has announced a new feature to address benefits teams´ growing need to foster and promote employee resources groups (ERGs), the company said.

The new ERG management feature will allow benefits teams to manage ERGs on the same automated platform that manages all of their other workplace programs, providing them with an unprecedented level of insight into the groups that exist, employee group discovery and signup, attendance tracking, and employee satisfaction with them.

ERGs are affiliated subgroups of employees within an organization who share distinctive qualities, interests or goals — including volunteer programs, diversity groups, affinity clubs, professional development groups, or new hire cohorts. They are valuable tools for increasing employee retention, engagement and inclusion, which is why 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies and many top employers — including Pandora, Workday and Pinterest — have them.

Espresa empowers companies to provide world-class on-site programs that employees love and associate with the best places to work. As the world´s first employee programs automation platform, Espresa is dedicated to helping benefits teams manage, scale and measure all their workplace employee programs. companies can now easily manage their health, fitness and wellness programs; company events; lifestyle services; employee resources groups; and rewards, recognition and reimbursement programs.