Era search and rescue program wins helicopter award

The search and rescue (SAR) program of Era Group Inc. is the 2017 winner of Helicopter Association International´s Salute to Excellence Airbus Helicopters Golden Hour Award, the company said.

The annual award is presented to those who have advanced the use of helicopters in the vital mission of air medical transport.

Era´s SAR program has responded to more than 1,050 emergency calls from more than 70 companies in the Gulf of Mexico. As the only search and rescue provider that is medically licensed in Texas and Louisiana, its SAR program provides 24-hour offshore advanced life support medical care on the US Gulf of Mexico outer continental shelf (OCS).

Era Group is a global helicopter operator and helicopter transport operator. In addition to servicing its US customers, the company also provides helicopters and related services to third-party helicopter operators and customers in other countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, India, Suriname, and the United Kingdom.

Era Group´s helicopters are primarily used to transport personnel to, from, and between offshore oil and gas production platforms, drilling rigs, and other installations. In addition, its helicopters are used to perform emergency air medical, search and rescue, firefighting, utility, VIP transport, and ´flightseeing´ services. Era Group also provides a variety of operating lease solutions and technical fleet support to third party operators, as well as offering unmanned aerial solutions.