Equinix quantifies business impact of interconnection

Equinix said that findings of the Enterprise of the Future report provided insights into what 1,000 IT decision-makers consider their strategic business and IT priorities, and how they are addressing them.

In particular, the survey showed a steep trajectory in interconnection deployments (doubling from 38 percent to 84 percent by 2017) as more enterprises worldwide look to interconnection to realize their most pressing corporate opportunities.

Interconnection provides direct and secure, physical or virtual connection between a company and its partners, customer and employees. The interconnection surge that will take place over the next 24 months will bring about a great transformation in the way global enterprises connect, communicate and collaborate with customers, partners and employees. The research showed that “non-interconnected” enterprises´ expectations for the business impact of this shift may be much too low.

The survey respondents were asked to rank the importance of several business challenges/opportunities as they relate to either having deployed interconnection (the interconnected enterprises) or exploring interconnection in the future (the non-interconnected enterprises).

Across every single challenge or opportunity, companies who have not yet deployed interconnection solutions have much lower expectations for the strategic role interconnection can play in achieving their highest priority business goals. The interconnected enterprises that are already experiencing the benefits of interconnection firsthand have higher expectations of interconnection, based on the significant value they have seen to date. The gap between the way interconnected enterprises see the world versus non-interconnected enterprises highlights the true value of interconnection.

Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) connects more than 4,500 companies directly to their customers and partners inside the world´s most networked data centers. Today, businesses leverage the Equinix interconnection platform in 32 strategic markets across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific.