Equinix data centers provide high-capacity connectivity to from LA to Sydney

Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) was used by Southern Cross Cable Network to expand its data center presence by connecting between Equinix´s International Business Exchange (IBX®) data centers in Los Angeles (LA1) and Silicon Valley (SV1 and SV8) to its existing deployment in Sydney (SY1), the company said.

The fiber optic submarine cable provides a high-capacity fiber route between Sydney, Australia and the West Coast of the United States, with up to 100G end-to-end connectivity for increased performance.

The Southern Cross cable system offers protected trans-pacific routes among Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and the West Coast of the US. The cables are made up of three fiber-pairs, each capable of transmitting wavelengths at 100G+ per second.

Equinix´s Sydney, LA and Silicon Valley data centers serve as carrier-neutral Points of Presence (PoP) locations for the Southern Cross cable which is a direct fiber pathway under the Pacific ocean, connecting the two continents with the high capacity to support growing bandwidth needs between North America and Australia.

Located near the Sydney Central Business District, Australia´s largest corporate and financial center, Equinix colocation facilities offer a place where companies can set up direct links to two peering points: the Southern Cross cable head, a trans-Pacific network of telecommunications cables, and the PIPE Pacific Cable network that runs from Australia to Guam.

The Southern Cross Cable system facilitates low-latency applications such as financial trading and growth of the finance community between both locations.

In 40 markets across five continents, Equinix connects businesses to their customers, employees and partners inside interconnected data centers.