Equator licenses cybersecurity technology from NASA

National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) has announced it has licensed a patented NASA cybersecurity technology to Equator Corporation, the company said.

Equator worked with the Strategic Partnerships Office (SPO) at NASA´s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, for an exclusive license to the technology. As a tool in the fight against cyberattacks, the innovation utilizes unique attributes not employed by other approaches.

Data breach rates and severity are on the rise, with consequences for corporations and consumers that include identity theft and liability for loss of sensitive information. Companies that fall victim to data breaches also incur an unfavorable brand image, and significant monetary penalties are being imposed for failing to keep data secure.

The NASA cybersecurity technology is a monitoring system that analyzes data for suspicious behavior. It collects appropriate user information from devices, workstations and facilities to identify the behavior patterns of authorized individuals. The system can detect activity that seems to be new or unauthorized based on its ability to continuously collect and analyze authorized behavior from multiple locations.

Developed to rapidly identify unauthorized users without requiring major infrastructure changes, the technology was developed by inventors at Goddard and NASA Headquarters who wanted to find new ways to improve cybersecurity within the agency.

Equator Corporation provides services in cybersecurity, project management, engineering, technical management and training to a host of clients, including NASA.