Equator Aircraft enters all-electric racing championship

Equator Aircraft, a Norwegian electric seaplane developer, has announced it has entered Air Race E, the world´s inaugural all-electric aircraft racing championship, the company said.

Equator, the first Scandinavian company to enter race, will compete with its modified Cassutt IIIM single-seat monoplane.

Equator is participating in the event, scheduled for 2021, under a newly formed venture called Electric Aircraft Propulsion (EAP), and says it will utilise the technology developed for the modified Cassutt in its seaplane programmes.

The company said the race environment allows it to explore the extreme performance characteristics of its electric powertrain, as it pushes the components to their utmost limits in a safe environment.

The race is backed by Airbus and the Formula Air Racing Association.

EAP will compete in Air Race E in a field of 10 teams from around the globe, including those from Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA and the UK.