Epsilor gets contract to deliver rechargeable batteries

Epsilor-Electric Fuel Ltd., a globally recognized manufacturer of batteries and chargers for defense applications, won a contract to deliver military rechargeable batteries for Harris Falcon manpack and handheld radios (PRC-117 and PRC-152) to a South East Asian military customer, the company said.

Epsilor´s batteries passed a series of compatibility and operational testing which included mechanical, electrical and communication interface verification. The operational tests verified that Epsilor´s battery performance equals and even exceeds the performance of the OEM batteries in terms of operating endurance, charge time and power density.

Epsilor is among a handful of companies that manufacture compatible batteries for Harris Falcon radios. The company´s BB-2590 family of products services military forces and defense users around the world, including the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and several NATO nations.

Epsilor is a globally recognized developer and manufacturer of custom and standard batteries, chargers and mobile power systems for the defense, medical, aerospace, industrial and marine markets. The company offers a wide variety of electro-chemistries, smart electronics and sophisticated battery management systems (BMS). The company´s products have won several awards for their innovation and smart operational approach.