Epitiro partners with DevicePilot

Managing and measuring the performance of wireless and IoT networks just got much easier thanks to a partnership between Epitiro and DevicePilot, the companies said.

Epitiro has developed a wireless performance management and service assurance solution that works just about anywhere, scales to the economics of IoT and sends you the performance and assurance data you need, when you need it. By using DevicePilot´s hosted platform, Epitiro has been able to seamlessly integrate its wireless performance measurements to provide real-time monitoring and rapid integration to other web services.

Epitiro´s portfolio of probes, cloud-based management platform, monitoring and benchmarking services, and performance reports provide customers of all sizes with the ability to “Measure, Manage, Market” the wireless experience to drive business.

DevicePilot´s expertise and technology deliver service assurance for IoT, enabling customizable, real-time monitoring and response even as the number of monitored devices rises into the millions. By partnering with DevicePilot, Epitiro augments its responsiveness and scalability to address nationwide, carrier-class IoT networks.

Epitiro provides communication service providers, venue owners, hospitality, and retail businesses–with assurance of the quality of experience being delivered to end users. As cellular, DAS, Small Cells, and Wi-Fi networks converge for seamless connectivity, wireless everywhere become vital for business productivity, information access, and social engagement. Epitiro´s customers rely on them to support end user satisfaction and help drive their business success. Visit Epitiro.com.