EPIC Fuels powers around-the-world record attempt

EPIC Fuels has sponsored Cleveland-based T&G Flying Club and pilot Saki Chen in her attempt to become the first Chinese woman to circumnavigate the globe, the company said.

The team departed from the Cleveland Jet Center, an EPIC Fuels and UVair FBO Network location at Cuyahoga County Airport to begin the 24,000 mile journey. The trip includes scheduled stops in other US cities as well as Canada, Greenland, Iceland, France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Egypt.

During the two-month journey, Chen will fly T&G Flying Club ´s Bonanza A36, a single-engine piston airplane, and will be accompanied by Larry and Richard Rohl, owners of the airplane and flying club.

EPIC Fuels is a fuel supplier in the general and commercial aviation industries.