EoPlex partners with MCT

EoPlex, Inc., a subsidiary of ASTI Holdings, Ltd. (ASTI:SP), said it has announced a partnership with MCT, a leader in advanced strip testing solutions and equipment.

The CSIâ„¢ Platform is a highly customizable, versatile semiconductor packaging interconnect platform utilizing advanced deposition technology to 3D-print package components. This enables a significant cost and size reduction of QFN, QFP, and BGA packages with a marked improvement in electrical and thermal performance.

Furthermore, the resulting package is readily strip testable, with incredible reductions in handling/indexing time, increase in tester utilization, and therefore huge test cost savings. The platform can also be used with multi-die, multi-chip applications in advanced packaging such as SiP and PoP.

MCT is working closely with EoPlex to design and market specific advanced equipment for seamless integration into the EoPlex manufacturing process. The equipment will be available to all EoPlex customers and is slated to be available by the end of 2015.

EoPlex, Inc. is based in San Jose, CA, and has developed a disruptive, multi-material additive printing platform, which facilitates the manufacture of 3D-printed components for advanced products in diverse applications as batteries, fuel cell components, energy harvesters, sensors, and more.

MCT Worldwide, LLC is based in Minneapolis, MN with manufacturing operations in Penang, Malaysia. It produces strip test handlers, film frame (or wafer ring) handlers and a laser marker to support strip test operations. It is now a private company that has been in business since 1972.