EoPlex CSI platform qualified with Wuxi China Resources

ASTI Holdings, Ltd. (ASTI:SP) EoPlex, Inc. said it has announced the qualification of its CSIâ„¢ platform with Wuxi China Resources Micro-Assembly Technology Co., Ltd. (ANST), a leading Chinese IC assembly and test company.

EoPlex is the only company with multi-material additive printing capability, enabling 3D printing using polymer, metal, and ceramic materials. Today, the CSIâ„¢ platform is used to print semiconductor interconnect and enable significant cost and size reduction of QFN, QFP, and BGA packages while improving electrical and thermal performance.

ANST has qualified the CSIâ„¢ Platform for use in QFN packages, and the CSIâ„¢ Platform will be available to select customers for disruptive consumer, automotive and medical product designs.

EoPlex, Inc. is based in San Jose, CA, and has developed a disruptive, multi-material additive printing platform, which facilitates the manufacture of 3D-printed components for advanced products in diverse applications as batteries, fuel cell components, energy harvesters, sensors, and more. Today this platform is being used for 3D-printing semiconductor packaging interconnect.

Wuxi China Resources Micro-Assembly Technology Co., Ltd. (ANST) is one of the largest full turnkey OSAT semiconductor companies in China, located 100km east of Shanghai, mainly providing lead frame based package and test service.