Enyx launches next-generation FPGA platform

Enyx has launched its new FPB2 platform powered by the Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+, a pioneering FPGA that brings its nxFeed solution to the forefront of the market, the company said.

The FPB2 platform, developed by Bittware, utilizes the cutting-edge Xilinx VUS+ FPGA which offers a 4x larger matrix than our previous platform, as well as 25 Gbs Ethernet connectivity, better overall in/out latency, and a running frequency of up to 800 MHz.

With the adoption of the FPB2 platform, our nxFeed solution will increase overall performance by more than 30%, thus further widening the gap between Enyx and our competitors.

The nxFeed solution will introduce a wide range of integrated, state-of-the-art features and capabilities that will help bypass the competition.

nxFeed is a full-featured market data distribution system that uses FPGA technology to shatter latency. FPGA-based Feed Handlers decode, normalize, and fully process market data feeds from all of today´s major exchanges before distributing to a wide range of applications.

Enyx is a developer and provider of ultra-low latency technologies and solutions primarily focused on the financial industry. Enyx´s FPGA-enabled products deliver the next generation of cutting-edge technology. Enyx provides both off-the-shelf trading and telecom solutions and IP Cores, and assists in their integration and deployment into the customer´s infrastructure.