Envistacom Gets Trio of Patents

Envistacom LLC, a technology enterprise that delivers advanced communications, cyber, intelligence operations, and other related solutions and services to US and coalition partners in the aerospace, defense, and intelligence communities, has announced it has been issued three key patents related to technologies it has developed which enable real-time and continuous data to be processed in high performance heterogeneous computing environments, the company said.

The patents build on the commercial industry´s move toward virtualization for enhanced computer processing, data storage, security, and other applications and adds to the company´s expanding intellectual property portfolio.

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Envistacom Patents 10,177,952, 10,397,038, and 10,505,777, to the establishment of an open ecosystem for the future of communications and other real-time, continuous processing applications.

The first patent protects waveform virtualization in a cloud-based, heterogeneous computing environment; the second patent covers waveform virtualization in a non-cloud, heterogeneous computing environment; and the third patent addresses the integration of a common heterogeneous computing waveform host with an Edge Device, a generic digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converter employed to turn digital data into an intermediate or radio frequency (IF/RF) signal.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., Envistacom provides communications, cyber and intelligence operations solutions to the US DoD and coalition partners in the aerospace, defense, and intelligence communities. For more information on solutions or contract vehicles, visit www.envistacom.com.