Entertainment company chooses Echelon System on a Chip

Internet of Things pioneer Echelon Corporation (NASDAQ: ELON) has announced that the company´s new FT 6050 multi-protocol system on a chip is being used in a building automation system being installed at a large, multinational media and entertainment company in Southern California, the company said.

The controllers manage the facility´s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

The FT 6050 system on a chip (SoC) was designed to address the increasing cost and complexity of smart buildings. As more and more building services are being adapted for network control, each with their own communications protocols, integrated system management has become increasingly difficult.

The FT 6050 is part of Echelon´s IzoT® platform for embedded control systems based on the Echelon ISO-standard LON® protocol and Free Topology (FT) architecture.

The FT 6050 provides a bridge between existing communications used in commercial building control devices and the IP connectivity the Industrial Internet of Things brings. The FT 6050 enables industrial developers to have a choice of communications protocols such as LON, BACnet, or Modbus while also enabling new and emerging IP connectivity requirements. Products built around the FT 6050 can act as either LON or BACnet devices, or both at the same time.

For 25 years Echelon has pioneered the development of open-standard networking platforms for connecting, monitoring and controlling devices in commercial and industrial applications. With more than 110 million devices installed worldwide, Echelon´s proven, scalable solutions host a range of applications enabling customers to reduce energy and operational costs, improve safety and comfort, and create efficiencies through optimizing physical systems.