Enseo reaches 44 million guests

Enseo®, the out-of-home media network, has expanded into 250,000 hotel rooms with its E3® entertainment, networking, and IoT solutions – an increase of 175 percent from 2016, the company said.

Over the past 12 months, Enseo´s fully-monitored, out-of-home network reached more than 44 million guests, doubling 2016´s previously reported 20 million guests.

Since Enseo´s transformation into a technology-based services platform in 2013, the company has shown increased growth year over year while building a measurable track record of success and innovation beyond the hotel room. Enseo´s solutions offer a comprehensive set of software and hardware-enabled features to address the needs of connected People Places, which include sporting and music arenas, restaurant bars, shopping malls, schools and casinos.

The Enseo solution includes guestroom entertainment, Wi-Fi, hotel branding, remote monitoring and management, group features, digital signage and more. Enseo enables hotels to engage more deeply with their guests by providing them with more unique content choices such as Over-The-Top (OTT) applications, and Bluetooth® connectivity all through the guest room TV.