Eni Stocks – Why Successful Traders Invest in Them

ENI is a well-known super major international oil and gas company, based in Rome, Italy. The company was founded in 1963 and is heavily supported by the Italian government who are one of its major shareholders. It is widely considered one of the best online stock trading options within any portfolio. A large part of this is due to its huge revenues and market capitalisation of around $90 billion, making it one of the largest industrial companies in the world. Such large and secure companies can often make ideal first investments in stock trading for beginners.

How to Get Started Trading ENI Stocks

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Reasons to Invest in ENI

Being one of the most consistent performers in terms of revenue year on year, regularly occupying a place within the Fortune Global 500 list, is an attractive proposition for investment from any trader. This can also be said of many of the major global players in the oil and gas sector.

More specifically, in 2018, the company greatly increased production in their Egyptian gas fields, as well as seeing the beginning of more new upstream projects in Indonesia and Africa. These are expected to bolster the company’s oil production and support them to remain a profitable force in the coming years.

Further reasons why the stock remains popular on many stock trading platforms, is the fact the company have plans to invest in excess of $4 billion in the next 3 years developing projects around exploration and production in 25 countries. Analysts predict a growth in the bottom line of more than 20% for 2019 which may well continue through 2021 with the company hoping to achieve a compound annual production growth of around 3.5% through that period.

Finally, many top industry experts feel the stock is currently undervalued. This presents substantial room for growth in both the short and long term. This makes it an ideal stock choice for all forms of trader.

Risks and Potential

As with any trading activity, there are a number of risks involved. These risks can be somewhat negated by using the best stock trading platform, such as is provided by TradeFW.

More specific risks related to Eni are the movement toward cleaner and greener energies. This is a challenge within the entire oil sector, though it is something which Eni are prepared for, and are actively engaged in trying to make a positive opportunity as opposed to a risk. They have invested heavily in the future of green energy, supporting many projects which further progress the company.

Political instability is also always at the forefront of the oil and gas industry. Given though, that the company has been active since the 1960s and has some of the largest revenues in the world, and support from many strong global forces including the Italian government and the Peoples Bank of China, it is safe to presume that no matter the direction of the global oil and gas markets, Eni will occupy a position at the forefront of the sector for quite some years to come.

As growth continues to keep pace year after year, further profitable growth is expected in the coming years from Eni as it continues to invest and diversify into new technologies and projects supporting a greener future while also balancing the huge oil and gas revenues which have created its current position.


It is evident that Eni represents a potentially excellent stock selection regardless if you are an experienced trader, or just entering the world of broker CFD trading for the first time. With the best broker partnership secured, and utilizing top stock trading software, this can form the foundation of a very successful and lucrative stock trading career.