Engagement Labs ranks top airlines in consumer conversations

In a first of its kind analysis of combined online and offline consumer conversations, Engagement Labs (TSX VENTURE: EL) released its TotalSocial rankings on the top performing airline companies in the US and identified JetBlue and Alaska Airlines as the leading airline brands in consumer engagement, the company said.

The rankings of the top US airlines are based on Engagement Labs´ proprietary TotalSocial data, which measure the most important drivers of brand performance in a detailed and continuous analysis of social media and word of mouth conversations.

As a whole, the airline category performs better in terms of the quality of face-to-face conversations as compared to online social media. Consistent with its category, JetBlue tops the chart with a stronger offline score. Interestingly, JetBlue secures the top rating despite falling short of being the leader on any individual metric, such as volume, sentiment, brand sharing or influence. What allows Jet Blue to rise to the top is that it shows a higher relative consistency across all dimension compared to other airlines.

The airline which is the most talked about offline is American Airlines, while Delta leads in volume of online conversations. At the same time, smaller airlines such as Southwest and Alaska are winning the category on sentiment. Known for its discount flight promotions, Southwest Airlines is the front-runner in its category in terms of sentiment in face-to-face conversations. Meanwhile, Alaska Airlines, which reported a USD 911m profit in 2016, tops the category´s rankings for its online sentiment.

With the biggest discrepancy between its online and offline scores, American Airlines ranks as the top airline in Engagement Labs´ recently released Social Misfits report. A Social Misfit is defined as a brand that performs very well socially either online or offline, but not both, suggesting an opportunity for the brand to improve performance that could drive enhanced marketing effectiveness and ROI.

Engagement Labs offers data, analytics, and insights for marketers by tracking, measuring and benchmarking the impact of conversations happening around a brand and industry — both online and offline. Consumer conversations are a proven driver of critical business outcomes, including sales.

The company´s patent pending TotalSocial data solution provides brands with unique insights and powerful analytics to understand online and offline social impact and drive business results. TotalSocial demonstrates to marketers how their online and offline conversation compare and contrast and helps identify areas of competitive opportunity or significant emerging threats.Its proprietary scoring system is based on the most important drivers of brand performance: volume, sentiment, brand sharing, and influence. TotalSocial tracks 500 brands within the US across 17 major industry categories, and 350 brands in the UK.