Enedis accelerates industrial strategy

Enedis, the European energy distributor, has entrusted Orange Business Services to support its transition toward a more effective and smarter electricity distribution network, the company said.

The energy transition is characterized by the growth of fluctuating and decentralized energy production (wind and sun) and the rise of new uses, such as self-consumption and electric vehicle charging. In this context, equipping the power network with cutting-edge IT and digital technologies is essential to manage the increasing complexity of the power system.

Orange Business Services will connect hundreds of thousands of communicating objects spread across the electricity distribution network in France, along with over 3,000 industrial sites. This will enable Enedis to develop energy flow data collection, real-time surveillance of electrical substations, automated self-healing in the event of faults and remote management capacities (maintenance and operation) for the whole network.

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Enedis is a public company that manages the electricity distribution network and employs 38,000 people. Servicing 35 million customers, it develops, operates, and modernises 1.4 million km of medium and low voltage power lines (220 and 20,000 Volts) and handles the related data. Enedis provides client connections, a 24/7 breakdown service, and carries out meter readings and all other technical operations. It is unconnected with the energy suppliers who sell power and manage electricity supply contracts.